Decimal Album – Complete 1986 to 1994

+ part pages 1995 to 1999


Volume Two 

All MUH original gum in Seven Seas Hingeless Album.  Very fine
condition.  Decimal sets individually are now increasing in price as
more collectors want one ot put aside.  A great opportunity to secure an
MUH Album complete plus lots of extras at just over face value.

                     Nothing to add – No gaps to fill 1986 to 1994. 

Pages for these albums are over $2 each + the album cover.

One of these ( 1966 to 1994 complete) was listed on ebay

last month at $11,000 ….. but not sure why ?? 

Price AUD$ offers          Quote in order# ” Dec: VOL 002 “

Take a Closer Look

Plus another 40 pages I’ll try to get listed up soon

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