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Decimal Album – Complete 1966 to 1985 – Volume One

All MUH original gum in Seven Seas Hingeless Album.  Very fine
condition.  Decimal sets individually are now increasing in price as
more collectors want one ot put aside.  A great opportunity to secure an
MUH Album complete plus lots of extras at just over face value.

                     Nothing to add – No gaps to fill. 

The only fault is the very first page only has the holes of the page sheet pulled.

Pages for these albums are over $2 each + the album cover.

One of these ( 1966 to 1994 complete) was listed on ebay

last month at $11,000 ….. but not sure why ?? 

Price AUD$ 750            Quote in order ” Dec: VOL 001 “

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Volume two 1986 to 1994 Coming Soon.

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