It’s time to organise that collection to a safe archival storage. Forget the damp cardboard shoeboxes or rusty tins that could cost you a huge loss and save time in finding those stamps tucked away in a dark corner.

Dimensions 161 x 55 x 122mm. Internal measurements 156 x 117 x 50mm

Bug free with tight fitting lid. Fully stackable with 90 degree sides, strong sturdy and clear visibilty to quickly see contents. Food grade archival perspex.

Price per box AUD $1.60 or carton of 50 for $60.00 ( 25% discount)

Free local pickup available or can deliver to nearest city of Wangaratta.

Postage Victoria $25 per carton

Check with us for a quote on delivery and we can attain the lowest possible post with no added extras or handling costs.

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