Our workshop is called Tallpoppy Studio and has a Master Bookbinder Alistair “Archie” Graham who not only creates amazing hand made books and restorations but also has collected stamps most of his life.  Combining the 2 passions he has become vitally aware of the great need to conserve collections and the specific area of archival storage.

Our site covers not only archival storage solutions, exhibition displays, ACSC and large format albums

but also an extensive offering of Australian stamps that over the next few weeks will be listed for your consideration.

Archival Storage

As a master Bookbinder and Restorer I am amazed at how people spend thousands of dollars investing in a collection and spend very little attention to storing them safely.  Check out some insider advice on storing and maintaining a collection that will last the ravages of time.

There are affordable options that can save you $$$$.

Perspex boxes

KGV One penny red varieties and plated positions.

A sample of what’s to come.  Heaps of listed ACSC varieties and plated positions available.   Bookmark this page NOW to be the first in to get the best Pick.   Pictured here is the exzceptionaloly rare Plate VIII position 15  Break in top frame left of crown ACSC 71Z(4)m with Scott Starling Certification.    A testiment to it’s rarity and grossly under valued catalogue estimate. Ask any serious collector of one penny reds and most have never seen one.  I’ve only seen one in my collecting lifetime – this one found in a hoard of 20,000 stamps.                          



Rare One Penny red Shades

An example of what’s to come.  Certificated, authenticated and just ordinary classified shades for sale.  Huge interest building in Shades and good to fill those gaps in your collection.  All guaranteed or full refund available.  Just what I would expect as a collector myself.

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Specialising in Book & Album restorations & repairs.

Archival supplies and accessories.

Free repair quotes offered.

We are active members and support Stampboards.com Great site for information and advice on stamps
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